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Dripplet is another great website for finding drinking water anywhere globally.”Finding and defending water here on earth helps us sustain life where we already know it exists.”

Its a great project as no matter where you go you can always find free water. :)


I Heart Tap Water campaign

Since the inception of the “I ♥ Tap Water” campaign, 813 students, faculty, and staff (as of this month) have taken the pledge to make tap water their beverage of choice, says Trish Ratto, manager of UHS’s Health*Matters, the campus’s wellness program for faculty and staff. Ratto adds that 80 percent of those people are using refillable water bottles, quenching their thirst from sources across campus — from water fountains to departmental kitchen sinks.

“We’re trying to address health and sustainability by reducing the consumption of caloric beverages and encouraging people to drink more water,” says Ratto. Tap water, she says, is a good choice, not least because it’s free and healthy. More on the hydration station.

redirecting water flow

So this morning in class talking about changing the directional flow from upwards to downwards, in a simple manner Tilly put me on to this…

Scott Amron Brush and Rinse
Running water pours into a hole at the head of the brush or body and spurts from the base of the brush or the end tip, creating a fountain-like stream for effortless rinsing, swishing, swooshing, and sloshing (and hopefully spitting).

There is more information including a film at his website.

Current methods of getting water into our mouths for rinsing after brushing are sloppy, create waste, and place unnecessary stress on our bodies. And, people love water fountains.

My Survey on Drinking Fountains

After somewhat a success of randomly asking people to answer my survey on drinking fountains, going up to people of all ages and cultures on the streets in Melbourne I have an online copy. I know time is running out but its all helpful. Face to face interviews are good as there are lots of questions, and people like to clarify things to make sure they are saying the right things. Though it also comes with a bit of rejection as people choose not to fill them out.

So now even though time is running out for research, here is the online version. It was suggested by Charles to make it faster to gather research for me as its so time consuming when doing the paper version and meeting people. Plus online it only takes a few minutes as its a yes or no. every one is welcome to fill it out the more the better.

Cultural dirinking fountains images from google

Brazilian environmental activists 50 Graus have set up a maze around a public drinking fountain in Sao Paulo’s biggest park.The message is clear and simple – clean water is precious don’t waste it.

This is from a school in Songkran

Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul

Hungary / Ungarn / Magyarország - Budapest: drinking fountain - Gellert square / Gellért tér (photo by Miguel Torres) Budapest – gellert square

A collection

Drink from the Roman fountain
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Using hands to drink

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Sharing a fountain.
Never have I see so many tongues while drinking, I love the parents in the background getting all concerned about the kids getting wet and putting their mouths on the Drinking fountain.

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Drinking water indoors
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Having fun with water
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Drinking from a turtle
Its good to see how open kids are to things, I would never have thought to drink from the turtle.

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The many uses of a Drinking Fountain
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Drinking fountain safety part 4
This is a crazy documentary made about the safety when using drinking fountains, this part shows a few interesting techniques to drinking from them. I never new so many videos about drinking fountains where out there.

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Last one I am going to show
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Mount Franklin’s perspective

Well I thought it’s best to look in to both sides and here what is being said so I had a read from their site and found they have their own challenge going…
Some say it takes 30 days to form a new habit
With the party season in full swing, now is the perfect time to form a new habit that can help you look and feel your best. If you haven’t been drinking enough fluid, aiming for 2 litres every day for 30 days means you can start to enjoy the benefits of proper hydration. Drinking water can help you maintain your energy levels and think more clearly and can also help your eyes appear brighter and your skin look clearer.

Here is how they answer a few questions:
I think yo can really make anything sound good and needed if you place your answers in the right context, like why bottles water is so good as it actually help to hydrate your body, and how good they are at helping Australian’s to recycle.

How good are Australians at recycling?
Our Refresh Recycle Renew campaigns, which were launched in 2004 and include the provision of recycling bins in major public places and at events such as the Tamworth Country Music festival and the recent Live Earth concerts, aim to help people recycle containers when people are away from home.

Why should I drink water over other drinks?
For general day to day hydration, obtaining most of your fluid intake from water is recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Dietary Guidelines for Australians. Other drinks such as milk and tea, as well as some fruits and vegetables, can also help you reach your daily target of fluid intake.

Isn’t it more environmentally friendly for people to refill their bottles?
For health reasons, we recommend you do no not refill bottles because of potential bacteria.

By selling bottled water, are companies trying to replace good water out of the tap or a bubbler?
We are lucky in Australia to have access to clean water from the tap. With our bottled water brands, CCA provides something consumers want – a chilled, healthy and delicious beverage which is conveniently packaged for when they’re out and about or at their desk.

Can you drink too much water? How much should I drink each day?
You should drink water in accordance with the guidelines of the National Health and Medical Research Council. These guidelines recommend adult men drink 2.6 litres of fluid and adult women drink 2.1 litres of fluid per day. On top of this, your fluid intake can be increased if you’re living or working in extremely hot climates.

Doesn’t bottled water contribute to a lot of carbon miles?
All ‘Mount Franklin’ water is produced in plants across Australia near the water sources so that water is not freighted across the country (or shipped in from overseas like some water). This saves on carbon miles.