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Dripplet is another great website for finding drinking water anywhere globally.”Finding and defending water here on earth helps us sustain life where we already know it exists.”

Its a great project as no matter where you go you can always find free water. :)


gesture controlled tap

gesture controlled tap

jasper dekker is a dutch designer who developed this concept for a kitchen sink tap that is controlled
using touchless interactions. the project has all the control of a standard tap without any moving parts.
instead users wave their hands near the tap to control everything from the speed of water to the
temperature and flow configuration. to turn on the tap, users swipe their hand along the side of the tap
in a forward motion. the water then comes out at a speed that corresponds to the speed of the gesture.
if they swiped on the right side, they activate the hot water and on the left side, the cold water. to change
the flow configuration from a single stream to multiple streams, the user gestures horizontally away from
the tap. dekker built a fully functional prototype that utilized two arrays of infra-red distance sensors to
recognize the hand gestures and a home-made water control system.

Some interesting rules for design

Here are some interesting rules

1: Experience the world instead of talking about experiencing the world
2: See and hear with the mind of a child
3: Always ask: “How do we want people to feel after they experience this?”
4: Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong.
5: Anything can be prototyped. You can prototype with anything.
6: Live life at the intersection
7: Develop a taste for the many flavors of innovation
8: Most new ideas aren’t
9: Killing good ideas is a good idea
10: Baby steps often lead to big leaps
11: Everyone needs time to innovate
12: Instead of managing, try cultivating
13: Do everything right, and you’ll still fail
14: Failure sucks, but instructs
15: Celebrate errors of commission. Stamp out errors of omission.
16: Grok the gestalt of teams
17. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage

The Story of Bottled Water

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tell me about it

As I live out in the ‘sticks’ I have so much trouble getting phone signal, if my phone hangs up half way through talking its not me.


As its my birthday soon I feel weird approaching it as most people put me at 4 years younger than I am sometimes 7 and never older than I really am. Its fun in a way as people expect you to be a little more immature and crazy, but then its hard to explain that I really am older than I am. Though as its a weird age where people are never sure how old you are and will normally ask you first when they first meet you. Everyone says I will be so much more grateful when I am 30 for looking young and cute, sometimes it feels like I am hiding without meaning to. I have always looked younger than I really have ever since starting school where people would tell me I didn’t look old enough to be in school.

A way of working

After having grounded my project in a campaign last year I see this is a good way to work as it can clarify the main goals, and saying that I love to do everything for myself seems too egotistical and self obsessed like the world needs to be like me. So I am making a note of certain campaigns that could evolve into something, linked to products or art pieces that carry something strong within them.
Here is one...