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Technical Information

Technical Information on Melbourne’s Drinking fountains.

These are some others so you can see what parts are involved. This is an exploded view to a push button. All the links are from previous posts such as Patents.



Well I think I am almost ready for this presentation tomorrow, I am still working on a few things to do with the layout and I know presenting tomorrow there are at least three extra things I want to go back and get more research on/about to help out with my design as I had to rush through them as I was behind from being sick. Well back to making my book then, I can’t wait until Tuesday after my Chinese exam to then I will be living with less stress and actually have time to see people.

I was annoyed when I fell even further behind being told that I had to have my poster ready for the exhibition last Thursday but I am glad I manged to do it in time, I have no idea how it looks as Brittany thankfully saved me and printed it out as there was a bit of a cue and I had to run off to work, annoying as they made my shift three hours earlier.

It still feels like I haven’t really done all that much as normally there are posters and sketches and a wide range of things to show, but I haven’t had the chance to research so intensively that I know all the issues people have with drinking fountains and also what they want to use. I am hoping that I can get a lot of feedback that’s useful, as I know sometimes it can all feel a bit to late as there is no time to change or add things. I hope that my Pre-Major Book can showcase my research thoroughly along with my findings. I have redone all the essays through out so they hopefully can clearly communicate the way I work and investigate.

I will post up this documents in a few days as its still in the editing stages of becoming a nice coffee table book, to represent a true design book.

My Survey on Drinking Fountains

After somewhat a success of randomly asking people to answer my survey on drinking fountains, going up to people of all ages and cultures on the streets in Melbourne I have an online copy. I know time is running out but its all helpful. Face to face interviews are good as there are lots of questions, and people like to clarify things to make sure they are saying the right things. Though it also comes with a bit of rejection as people choose not to fill them out.

So now even though time is running out for research, here is the online version. It was suggested by Charles to make it faster to gather research for me as its so time consuming when doing the paper version and meeting people. Plus online it only takes a few minutes as its a yes or no. every one is welcome to fill it out the more the better.

Reflections of Photos

Drinking fountain

It wasn’t until I started looking online, and saw other peoples photos of drinking fountains, that had been cropped, or water captured in the right light I could appreciate some of the other designs out there, there are elements in all drinking fountains that are beautiful, intriguing or interesting. I never had a real passion for existing drinking fountains until I could see that there are others which admired their beauty.

Seeing things in a different angle and from other peoples eyes like in photographs made me not see drinking fountains as one whole thing, but something made up of parts. seeing how people approach drinking fountains is also interesting as some people are really embarrassed to use them and others have no problem.

Could this be a drinking fountain?

I have been looking at images online and here are a few that obviously aren’t drinking fountains, but something about their form could be, and they are beautiful products that I could envision being around our street to capture our attention and admire. I guess in a lot of the images you wont be able to see what I do in them but I am approaching the drinking fountain from a different angle, as I have lots of images as to what is out there but none really grab at me and what me to say wow that’s different or fun over and have a closer look. That’s what good design does for me something I just have to have a good long look at. All the images below are from This isn’t what my design is going to look like at all, but as there is nothing truly inspiring for drinking fountains I am looking in other places to get some visual inspiration happening, as I am stuck on all the other drinking fountain designs.

直饮水器 and bebedero

Just searching in other languages to see if I come up with anything really different, the answer is not really but her are a few photos.
This is interesting.

These drinking fountains also have a tap.


Cultural dirinking fountains images from google

Brazilian environmental activists 50 Graus have set up a maze around a public drinking fountain in Sao Paulo’s biggest park.The message is clear and simple – clean water is precious don’t waste it.

This is from a school in Songkran

Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul

Hungary / Ungarn / Magyarország - Budapest: drinking fountain - Gellert square / Gellért tér (photo by Miguel Torres) Budapest – gellert square