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maybe I need a faucet that can do this?

Imagine on all the days above 40 degrees mist is sprayed onto people passing by… Shame about the water restrictions though.

From Core77. The UK James Dyson Award goes to the Automist, by RCA students Yusuf Muhammed and Paul Thomas. The concept is of a (retrofittable) kitchen sink faucet that disperses a thorough mist in the event of a fire, effectively dousing the flames.


Each year more than 60,000 fires occur in UK dwellings, resulting in approximately 450 deaths and more than 11,000 injuries. Automist is an automatic fire suppression system. It is designed for the kitchen, where 60% of domestic fires originate. Automist utilises “water-mist” which is a proven technology on ships and in factories.

Pipe part list

After a quick look at the photo I new there seemed to be a lot of extra parts that I could add so I had a real quick look…


Inline Stainless Check Valve Viton O-Ring – 1/4″ FPT x 1/4″ MPT

Check valves are spring-activated, poppet style design to create a positive seal to prevent reverse flow and cross contamination.

Brass Check Valve – 1/4″ MPT inlet x 1/4″ FPT

Connection: 1/4 Male NPT inlet x 1/4 Female NPT outlet

Fittings, Values and Tubing

Shut-off Valves

These easy-to-use shut-off valves use quick connect fittings for connections with tubing, for quick and easy installation and removal. Ideal for usage in the beverage industry, these valves can also be used for inert gases. Available For Food Industry, these valves are made of non-toxic, harmless materials that are approved by FDA, NSF-51, and SK Zert.


EZ Angle Stop Adapter – 1/4″ Push In Side

The EZ Angle Stop Adapters are the simplest way to connect any water-using appliance from POU Water Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Refrigerator Icemakers, OCS equipment, etc. The Plastic EZ Angle Stop Adapter simply connects between the existing 3/8″ Angle Stop Valve and the Flexible Supply Tube.

Filter Strainers

Culligan® IC-1000 Water Filter System

Features an innovative and convenient cartridge design for filtering your refrigerator icemaker and in-door water dispenser. A simple twist on to install and another twist off is all that’s needed to change the cartridge.

Solenoid Valves

Faucet Accessories

Feed Supply Adapters

I really dislike you

Yes I am talking about solidworks at the moment doesn’t take me long to end up angry and frustrated and yelling at my computer. I am so far behind my week of study its not funny I think I am going to go in to uni tomorrow for a study session, so I can get some work done.

Wish I was doing some more from studies as this CAD is such a time consuming and slow process, I am just putting my original prototype into solidworks to work out technical issues and the plumbing as how it can all fit together. I am also exploring how this is going to attach to the ground. Though I need to sort this out otherwise the design is just a pretty form and nothing to it, I think as it is the hardest part its the slowest, I mean I can easily do a few concepts and feel like I have done heaps computers just seem to suck out all the time in the day.

Form studies in clay

A few tidbits

I found this blog with this post that was interesting.

More on water

Drinking Fountain association

Slots in ditch/drain covers must be narrow enough so as not to risk crutches or the tyres of wheelchairs being stuck.

Drinking fountains in school. This is a post about the politics of a drinking fountain within a primary school and how long a child has the opportunity to use it for, in this case only 5 seconds. I can’t imagine having to line up and being timed to use a drinking fountain, I guess that my primary school was small and had plenty of drinking fountains for all students to use the line would only consist of one or two people and then you could have as long as you liked. Though ours was defiantly only tap water no filters at all, but was the same tap water at my house it tasted exactly the same it was only about 2km from the school. As they where not cooled on hot summer days the water would be all warm and you would have to let it run a few seconds to let it cool down otherwise it was really unpleasant.

This is a blog from some one who works at Haws Corporation. So it has a few things about drinking fountains including some of their models and history. The most interesting is this post. Lead Found in Drinking Fountain it turns out that the lead is in the water is from the pipes and water source in America. Luckily Melbourne has never had problems with its taps though in some areas, a little further out from Melbourne they say the water tastes like metal. We have no problem though the water doesn’t travel far at all as the closet dam is only 15mins from my house used by Melbourne’s water supply.

“High levels of lead have been found in the water fountains of several elementary schools in Albany. The school district says the discovery was made during last month’s testing of 400 faucets and fixtures.  What they don’t say is it’s actually lead in the water supply.”

A unique design.

School Water Fountains to Prevent Obesity

“At the beginning of the study, there were no statistical differences in the prevalence of overweight kids in the different groups. By the end of the school year, however, children in the schools where water drinking was encouraged were 30 percent less likely to be overweight.”

“Although water consumption from fountains was measured, overall beverage consumption was determined based on self-reports by students and parents. Small changes in drinking habits are unlikely to be detected using these methods. Another limit is the fact that daily food consumption wasn’t measured, so it’s not known whether drinking more water influenced a child’s eating habits.”

This is what I have started to work on not finished and not sure if I like it yet.

Saving the best until last

I can really relate to this little conversation in comments below about this Melbourne drinking fountain. So I included it in.

Is it just me, or when you were little did a water fountain never actually ever quench your thirst? too much work for too little pay off? And always a kid behind you pressuring you for their turn…

Oh, absolutely… it was often discussed how much nicer it would be if a soft drink or juice came out of them instead!

And at school, if the water pressure was too low, enterprising students would jam a piece of stick into the tap, thus creating a high-pressure jet. I am sure no Australian child has missed out on experiencing a blast of water to the eye or up the nose when innocently trying to have a drink from one of these “modified” taps.

Thanks for your comments, Megnificent :) it’s funny the design is basically the same as it was when i was a kid. I was one of those kids who broke off sticks in these.

I didn’t go to school here so I woudn’t know this was the design ‘back then’ and ‘now’. I am more used to the kind one sees in the American movies. Anyway, without the tap, this would have passed as a macro shot of my Mac G5. :)

In high summer, Rome is a hot town. Really hot! But unlike London or Manhattan, cool natural spring water trickles from drinking fountains on nearly every Roman street corner.

Some of the fountains in Rome are centuries old, while others, although not so old, perhaps appear the more venerable underneath their layers of modern graffiti. Some are push-button operated, while others flow continuously into ornate bowls and cisterns carved from stone or marble. The correct way to drink from the type shown above is to block the stream by putting your finger over the end of the brass pipe, which forcibly diverts the water into a strong, narrow jet shooting up from a small hole on the top side of the bend in the pipe (which will hit you right in the face if you’re not ready for it). You then simply lower your mouth towards the jet. An efficient and hygienic system, considering that stray dogs also lap around the end of the pipe on hot days.

In summer, drink plenty of water when sightseeing in Rome – It’s free, fresh, cool and clean from the public drinking fountains – And especially make sure your kiddies drink a lot as well, and wear sun hats as protection against sunburn, sunstroke, and rapid body dehydration in the intense heat. Take full advantage of these wonderful drinking fountains.

Gypsies and workmen who are out on the street all day drench their hair under the flow as a precaution against sunstroke, while more genteel be-suited businessmen and women discreetly stoop for a quick cool sip as they pass by.