Haley is a recent graduate from Industrial Design and wishes to share her creative thoughts and ideas with others, along with documenting out all sorts of projects. Including her final year project completed in 2009 so this valuable research and methods used can be shared. An exiting and untraveled path lies ahead so anything could really happen.


2 responses to “Author

  1. Hi Haley,
    I’m an Architect hired by the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Dublin, Ireland, our centre is located in the National Disability Authority of Ireland, we advise the Dept of Justice on Universal design & access issues – I came across your site etc when searching online for info on drinking fountains.
    I’m currently project managing & editing the revision of a major guidance document called Building for Everyone – you can check it out by using this link
    Anyway I thought I’d drop you a quick mail to say well done on your research etc I’ve found it very helpful.
    You can check out our website at it’s a bit lacking on Built Environment stuff but we’re revising the site to cover that.
    Good luck with your project,
    Neil Murphy

  2. Helo Haley,
    I’m developping a community of “water hunters”, in few days I collect 800 point of accessible water.
    If you like You can put yours inside and insert your refferral in comment area…

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