gesture controlled tap

gesture controlled tap

jasper dekker is a dutch designer who developed this concept for a kitchen sink tap that is controlled
using touchless interactions. the project has all the control of a standard tap without any moving parts.
instead users wave their hands near the tap to control everything from the speed of water to the
temperature and flow configuration. to turn on the tap, users swipe their hand along the side of the tap
in a forward motion. the water then comes out at a speed that corresponds to the speed of the gesture.
if they swiped on the right side, they activate the hot water and on the left side, the cold water. to change
the flow configuration from a single stream to multiple streams, the user gestures horizontally away from
the tap. dekker built a fully functional prototype that utilized two arrays of infra-red distance sensors to
recognize the hand gestures and a home-made water control system.


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