The path untraveled…

Well it’s the start of a new year one that’s going to be completely different from any other as I am out of school, well for the time being anyway as I hope to go back and learn Chinese. It feels a little depressing and annoying now that people have to constantly remind me that I should have already gotten a ‘real job’ and that I am now spending my life working part time in retail. It seems that we really are defined by jobs and incomes well in my family anyway.

I have written out a list of goals and plans of what I want to get out from the next six months to start my career or at least have as much as fun as possible and create some cool things. My first challenge (along with finding a real job) is to write and illustrate a children’s book not really a design project but something I have wanted to do for ages.

It’s a weird spot to be in as there are so many possibilities and a lot more pressure than when I last finished school as if I don’t use this degree in someway I have a huge debt for nothing, plus I can’t handle boring work that I can’t stand for to long. So I need a plan of action to keep my sanity going. It was nice to get an email from Soumitri as it feels like we aren’t just left stranded as it can take some time to construct the best image of ourselves that speaks and sells us to others.

Fingers crossed that this will be a good year. If it all gets to much though I am going to blow all my savings and just go for a big trip away from everything here, it’s the best way to find yourself just to get totally lost and let go of everything, from a few thousand kilometres away the world looks and feels different. I am feeling a lot of pressure to get somewhere from my family but at the same time its summer and it’s nice to be able to enjoy the sun and relax, who knows when I will have the chance to enjoy another summer? It seems that so many people want to live my life for me and I am doing everything wrong, or they would do it all different, I know its only going to get worse as time goes on.


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