Just hours remain

Just hours remain until it’s all underway, I still have no poster due to the last minute disaster so will be a quick hang up before 9.30 when it all begins. Only read the title of our emails sent to us by Soumitri which says affectionately yours, which is the beginning of all that stuff where some mean they don’t mind knowing how you get along and others just don’t really care and say it anyway. After a glancing at the last bit of being there for you for the next three years its sort of a lie anyway as I find people are only there for the good times, plus I have an inkling that I might just fade away for a bit until I sort out some things I really want to do, as I have decided to put design on hold for a bit and turn it into a hobby for the time being the stress has killed all desire to continue such a big project with so much value has killed of my joy  and drained me of energy. Plus I have to think about the real world money and paying back this giant debt to study. The times of being a student are over. Back to it need to finish off now.

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