Getting tired

Sort of really over this project and year already. My exam when horrible and I know now I failed some bits but I am just aiming to get through now, I studied as hard as I could for it but you can’t just learn a language over night. I am lucky if anything sticks at all its my tones that let me down and only half understanding what is being said so I substitute in parts oh well at least I know what I need to focus on.

I have continued with the running of 5km daily now. Not sure if its helping yet but I am sleeping more soundly as I am so tired. Its also interesting how many people like to honk, or yell random things and whistle as I wasn’t expecting anything like that. I have to run along the road for a bit as to where my house is located and the nicer running spots. I even got an I love you one day and a honk. If it continues I might even start a telly for a bit of fun. Though I seem to be eating a lot more food I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing but it feels as if I am constantly eating well it did yesterday as I decided to do a 9km route.

I wish I had an opportunity to do slip casting after seeing this…

Here are some more images and the final piece.

I also watched some students in a lower year making a vase, it was interesting and they used 3D printing to get the detail, I wish I had done something like that. It gets me excited about design again. :) Well back to the project the count down of days continues.  Not sure if I should put up images yet to show. I will put up a link to the book when its finished though.


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