Seeing my body as a temple

I have now started a new method to getting better, apparently lots of exercise and healthy eating is the way forward. I have been told to go running and not just a short run either, I am starting at 5km daily, as this is meant to increase endorphins and make you feel good but you need to get the heart rate up. So I started yesterday it was mostly me power walking the whole way. So day 1 was hard I think I am physically so tired I can’t even think any more so I think is working, though I need to find time to do this daily.

I am also seeing a naturopath so change my diet and getting a blood test done as I have nutrient problems as I am a girl I loose more than guys, so I can end up with 1/5 of what I am meant to be at. Hopefully this helps out and I can focus more on the tasks at hand. Busy studying today for Chinese exam, it has listening along with writing so this means I need to know about 250 characters off hand.

I have a draft outline for studio and might start getting things done in the work shop this Friday if not defiantly next week. Its going to be intensive to catch up, and I want a quick chat with Simon if he is around tomorrow, as I am thinking it might be worth investing the money and getting it made and he knows of someone out in Echuca, its going to cost a lot though. I a not sure if I like it or not, so its going to be an intensive weekend of finish off CAD and renderings, then strait into making it. Book is travelling on nicely just missing the end section and the manufacture and CAD section…


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