Nearing the end

Well I can now say that its exactly one exact month until the date I finish November the 13th, its a good feeling as I trust Soumitri was right and can actually finish with something to show within the time frame. So its CAD this week all Soildworks to create Part A, B and C and D which I call the grate. Not worrying to much about underneath the ground only need a drain pipe to funnel water into the stormwater and of course the right part to attach to the mains.

I had a shocking past few weeks loosing my phone and iPod last week, I found my phone again but not my iPod so I am little crushed and now need to buy a new one as I use it every day and its the only thing that can get me into the city as the trip is over an hour long (really would have dropped out in first year without out it.) Plus its so easy to listen to my Chinese Lessons on the move. As usual I am behind where I wanted to be but its realistic to just sit down and figure out all the CAD work. I am also getting some help with it so will be on track.

It’s great to think that all my time studying is finally coming to an end, even though its highly unlikely with times as they are I’ll be using them anytime soon. Its good entering at the worst point as anything that’s in the future will hopefully seem brighter. I also have enough passion and help from my parents misfortunes that money comes and goes and as long as you are doing what you love that’s all that matters. I mean money can’t really but you any lasting happiness, its mostly what you end up doing with it.

The other good thing is living as a student for so long I still can’t justify spending lots of money, I remember in first and second year I refused to buy food from restaurants as I was at uni every day and deeply committed to studying that I was living of the savings from working in between the semesters. This is the first year in my life that I have had a continual income, after last year with only $20 in my bank account before starting my job it was time to change, plus I want to move out and start saving for other things rather that train tickets to uni, books and material fees. I plan to move out end of February next year as all my jobs are still out near where I live so its easier to stay until then.

I am thinking of continuing on with Chinese and who knows I might be good enough many years down the track to translate and can have that as my job. Not sure if it really feels like I have gotten anywhere yet I guess everything has slowed down, but time is traveling at a rapid pace.


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