A little note

I have decided that next year I am going to take a break from everything for 6 months and have a little fun, so I have started writing a list of things that I want to do so I looking forward to it all. Looks like I will be working two jobs this summer, I might work three like last summer if I can’t get enough hours. It was a little crazy but each was different and enjoyable. I am saving up so I can do most things on my list, then I am going to look hard at my design career and start off in what ever way I can. I need a little bit of wandering to expand my mind, plus these 69 hour weeks are starting to wear me down the combination of my required uni hours and my actual work hours.

I am really getting into curves at the moment with my own design, simple curves that create a little movement and illusion depending on what angle you stand, (not that much illusion just it appears to change slightly from the angle you stand.

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