Looking better

I figured the only way out is to just stick with it and work through the mess, and have discovered a new love for my design. I think as its so simplistic that I thought it was to easy… well compared to every thing else I have designed, and a compromise to make it easier to manufacture and the like but now I have fallen back in love with it as it is so simple its really just a whole lot of nice curves.

Having not modeled anything like this before its taking more time than I would have liked but I am learning a lot along the way which is good that’s why I am here. I keep on loosing faith in myself its hard to visualize success.  I am also annoyed that I need to take such a long time to do things still but that’s ok there is still a little time. I have started to organize a back up crew of past graduates to help me out if I fall to far behind. I guess its going good as the design has room to compromise a little to make manufacture easier with out losing to much of its soul. I just feel very alone at this end as I feel no one at uni is listening to me… I mean not any one… no students I guess that’s hard as last year I always had other students to listen to me, and value me. Now there is too much emphasis on Soumitri which I guess isn’t fair so its hard to feel like I am getting help at all and not stranded and alone.

I have let myself have a few extra days (well to Friday) to see what get done and what still needs to be done, but I know I can’t do it alone and it feels like no one is there at the moment. I hope I will see I am wrong in the next few days. But I am sure that only about 60% max of these posts are ever read so its hard to feel like this is going anywhere am not sure if I should stop.

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