In a pickle

Well there is still a lot to do and time is running out fast, too fast I need to get more stuff locked into place but I seem to be fighting myself the whole time in a loosing battle… Even making it out of bed is a good accomplishment.  I had briefly lost my phone and manged to track it down again. I have a name for the project “tapped in” but not the product yet nothing seems to fit and most others all have aqua something or other in the title where I want it to be different. Every time I see my project I want to cringe away in shame, there is nothing wrong with it I just hate it passionately this is making it even harder to stay on track but I’ll hopefully get there in the end. CAD is a lot harder than I thought as there is no online tutorials similar to what I wanted so its progressing slower. My book is looking good mostly as I would end up to frustrated to work on my design so fall back onto it.

I found this movie in only stills it has nice transitions and shows that a good photo can stand up for itself. I don’t know about the movie yet as I hate watching myself back so I know I can’t be in it only my hands and that about all, I also don’t want to be saying anything in it either. So its about a month to go and its all in pieces at the moment so yes I would say I am in a pickle I am not planing on any success for awhile wish it was all a whole lot easier though this has made it easy for me to decided to stop design altogether for at least 6 months to gather myself together, so I will not be pursuing anything for a while as I have no energy left and can’t fight any more if it doesn’t get easier than I suppose I’ll leave design for good, will deal with that when i get there.


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