A little annoyed

You would think that having 12 weeks in a semester missing out on two classes or one 6th of them is a little much due to “the you have to suffer as that’s when we can fit you in syndrome” well this is what is happening for SSCC meetings which is wrong with 4th year students only having about 7 hours of timetabled compulsory class shouldn’t our time be valued too? No who cares anyway. Not me anymore if you really cared about what students thought at least let proactive students participate. I guess that’s the thing when you are in upper years that hardly any one really cares about what you have to say as your time has been at least that’s what it feels like anyway. Well what if all the forth years didn’t attend your meeting and went to class? Maybe that’s what I will organize as any problems we have can’t be fixed or change anything so lets just leave it who cares what its like for the third years we will be out of here and it our problems can be theirs too.

That’s the annoying thing is when you give up your time. I couldn’t really attend any of the meetings unless I want to give up 20% of my marks for Chinese class which is totally unfair as I timetabled with all other fourth years class. So its either be helpful and participate or loose 20% I know what I choose.


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