Thoughts on materials

I am thinking of having ceramic an stainless steel or aluminum as my material choice, and have been playing with a few forms to see how this would work, mostly with bowls/sinks as the ceramic object. I am interested in how this works so have been making small clay bowls and using card to represent the metal. I am thinking the metal will be in sheet from and bended into the form I desire. I have placed this image above as it creates a story and a visually striking product as they really play on each other. If I can’t get this working though I am happy to leave the ceramic out. I am hoping to have a large variety of forms to bring in on Monday, so I am just sitting down with a lot of card and clay and seeing what happens, no judgment and just play.

I am over thinking things to much so need to just let go into the process and play, as I know I have a bad tendency to obsess so this week is form design only. I am thinking I may have to do this out of home at uni, as I need space and quite to do this as every time I finish something its always asked whats that and that doesn’t look right.

Other tasks for this week or early next will be to get some foam from the work shop and start using the materials I have paid for and not touched yet. Its going to be design only for the next week or so, as I need to get some results and move away from reflections just get into it and let go. Its hard to do as I end up hating everything that I produce, I guess its because it comes from me and there is nothing really wrong with it.


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