Understanding form

I am really happy Soumitri has pushed me to understand form not just as a word but really analyse it, and know why its working or not working and how it can change with materials that you have in your head. For example what would this look like in a rough ceramic surface, it would be a lot bulkier and not reflect the light so much. In a transparent porcelain the light would come through differently it would appear to be delicate, fragile and smooth. I never realised how interconnected form is to everything as I haven’t a real design studio just valuing objects before as its been focused towards sustainability so its great to be able to finish up with a studio like this. Its imperative to designers to understand this but I have missed out on the path I have taken, and its never to late to learn. It really helps to clarify things in my head and not just run around in circles.  Later today as its today already I am hoping to do more form studies and share my methods and images of my work. There is so much to say about form and as its all relatively new to me I am full of enthusiasm about it.

I can also look at these designs an add more complexity to what its about. I can see why we where discouraged to use words like ‘style’ by some lectures. I feel now that I have absorbed so much about design and whats good and bad reading up on form and its teachings and various methods to discover and find good forms has been really helpful. I think I have learnt a lot more this semester than last, I guess last semester I was a drinking fountain specialist and this semester I am a real critical/functional and active designer.


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