I need a name

Well I don’t need a name obviously my project does, I am wanting it to have a double meaning or something where the title isn’t clear that its limited to the object only. I was thinking of ‘Tapped In’ as its the opposite of the bottled water and give the project its whole sustainability and edge over bottled water though that’s also a the name for this weird forum thing that’s a little like blackboard. Tap in sounds a bit to short and unfinished.

I am no good with titles, as I want them to sound strong by themselves and not just a project title that’s  flat. It needs to be a little descriptive and makes you think of other words or items that be linked into it. So with Tapped in out I need something else that can speak on multiple levels. So if any one has any ideas about Bubblers, Drinking fountains and water that sounds like a good title let me know. I am going to keep on thinking for a bit and see what happens.

Otherwise I wish to create a word that just sounds nice and has no relevance to anything, this is mainly the borrowed language where something is translated and know one knows what it means.


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