Design Bios

After class today I know I want to redo my biography summery/about the author for my book and maybe this blog for any one who is interested about what others contain here are a few… there for Philippe Starck’s new design show (Design for Life) and obvious ours are going to be a little different but here is one that I like for the honesty.

Robert Meredith
Age: 29
From: Northamptonshire
One of the older members of the group, Robert, already has a career as a designer – he freelances, designing packaging for food products. Robert is a quiet, focused individual who likes to work on his own and is not a natural team player. He therefore may find it less easy than some to mix socially with a large group of fellow students. His first memory of design is sitting on his father’s knee and helping to fill in a big scrap book. It left him with a strong desire to work creatively. He feels his thirst for a challenge will enable him to do well at the school of design.

I am not sure if they are written by the individuals themselves but if any one would like to have feedback on what I think about them as designers I am happy to critique them. I like the strengths and weaknesses in it as otherwise if it comes across to go good the you sound so egotistical.

If you do include weaknesses I like to state them as areas to improve upon… For example I am always tying to position myself in a team environment as I want to gain and improve my leadership skills. Though still be honest if you hate working with people that’s fine, and if you have no desire to teach and lead others that’s fine just pick something that you want to improve upon.

I think clear honesty will always stand out, but you don’t want to go the other way and list all your faults as this is your final project and what you are willing to send off to other people.I am not sure if this is really whats the best as I have never looked at hiring another designer, I just feel if people feel like there is truth to whats been said rather than an egotistical lecture how I shine like a star people would be more willing to work with me. As I am not looking for design jobs where I sit by myself all day away from humans a little bit of humanity can’t hurt.

If any one would like to comment about what I should say in my end of year bio please do so.


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