From class

I have a lot more direction as of today getting a few more restraints put in for my use of form, using geometry as my bases  so will be hitting the white cardboard big time, which I have already brought a few sheets to play with and can easily get more when I run out.

I have figured out what content I do and don’t need within my book and to make it solely my voice coming through. I can leave out some of the pages from Pre-Major including summaries for most things to bring down the page numbers. I need to re think the positioning of the page numbers, as they can go into the margin more as they seem to float a bit and get lost if there is an extreme amount of text on the page.

I am going to create a maximum of 10 master pages, as there will essentially be  only three types of pages, image page, text and image and text only. Not sure if I want to break this out a little and put in a set chapter page lay out too, so then you can break the rules for the content and know where you are visually. There will be a few image page lay outs where I might have one key image and a few little ones to show what I am talking about.

I am reading this great book called Elements of Design that’s going to be helping me through this week, I have mention the book before but now I have a copy I can say it again its a great read. This will help me with my form studies as it clearly states all elements needed and heaps of photos too. Will also see whats out there for geometry as this process needs to be highly visual.

My excitement has one again returned and I feel big things for this week ahead. I am a little annoyed that I have two important meetings so I am even more time poor than normal but one of them is my LEAD training, I guess its going to get worse the closer we get towards the end wit organizing of folios, and sorting out next year. Four more weeks of class left to go I am hoping to have heaps of breakthroughs.

Next week I need to bring in

  • CAD work of internals parts, the basis of the design as without water and pipes its not going to work
  • Form studies in Cardboard using geometry, and form elements
  • A video and photos of this process
  • Master pages to be used in the book (remembering to leave lots of white space around images)
  • 250 word biography
  • design development mind map
  • title of project
  • Summery of project in 200 words
  • 4 slides
  • Slide 1 a hero shot
  • Slide 2 object in context
  • Slide 3 details, orthographic shots, close ups
  • slide 4 Summery and 5 headlines
  • Redone plan of action for next 3/4 weeks of class

Results of this week mean total clarity of direction… maximize feed back showing internals how these fix to the ground.


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