growing intelligence

I often have strange moments where I feel I might have information overload and forget the easiest of things, or I look at my work and think it looks so naïve and unintellectual. I think its mostly because I don’t want to reach a point in my life when it is too much for me a learning limit beyond understanding,  and through out my time at RMIT I have become far more critical and aware as to what is happening around me and I am aware that there are so many specialisations out there and people with natural talent who can do things far more advanced than me. I am fine with this though as I am still young and I have a lot of life experiences ahead of me, I am in no rush to learn these things either.

Learning is a huge part of my life and I will always position myself in an area where I can learn new things what ever that may be, once I get the hang of something I am ready for a new challenge. Sometimes been thrown into the deep end is the fastest way to learn something new, but it can have the disadvantage of being to far ahead and you miss out on crucial steps.

I once met a learning limit in year 12 in mathematical methods, I had being up until then being able to learn, remember and use all types of maths but it got to a point where I had to much to think about and just ended up lost like I was looking and reading a foreign language where nothing was making sense and no matter how much I read it and practiced nothing made sense. I manged  to pass in the end though and that’s all it was just a pass. This sort of learning limit for me was useful as I found a reason why I had run into these problems, number one was I never had a real passion or interest for maths and see it only as something we use to get results in our daily lives. Number 2 was knowing when to give something up, as this wasn’t really important information that I myself would need to use and could ever see myself using it I was nice to know when you reach a limit that’s fine.

I have never reached a learning limit within design to me and somethings I have to work hard at and others come a bit more easily but as it sits in such a diverse area of skills and knowledge there is so much to cover it wouldn’t matter anyway. I think we know our limits and are ready to ask for expert help when needed from engineers and manufactures as we can get better results.

More recently though with my up and coming departure (hopefully) from RMIT and not being a student but a professional I want to know what is required of me, so I don’t appear ignorant or ask stupid needless questions that just need to be thought through. I am confident skills  wise I can pick up new bits of information to do with CAD software, and self learn through online tutorials and diving in I can get the results I want, and that with time and practice my drawings will only improve. I think as I only have a limited material knowledge because you can’t learn everything it will build through out as I carry out more projects Hopefully my critical thinking skills, communication skills and plainly social awareness for people their cultures and developed behaviour is enough.

One response to “growing intelligence

  1. It is always good to have food for the brain. I think those that are life long learners are happy individuals late into life. Keeps the mind active, alert and staying alive!

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