Self Learning

I have discovered recently that as nice as a really good detailed sketch is, like car drawings and awesome product renderings I am still pleased with drawings like the ones below as they hold lots of character and life to them, they want to share more ideas and communicate differently its lots more playful and conceptual with lots of freedom and openness. I love really nice and detailed drawings too but more for final drawings, when there is less of a need to be creative and thoughtful its more of a refined drawing. At least that’s how they communicate to me.

I think its because in reality I would love to spend about 4 or more hours on each drawing making them look nice, but who would ever pay me for such work? I can understand they work in glamor/hero shots of work as then people will notice, but what is the life span of a sketch that’s tucked away in a book? Who actually goes through them all, yes it works in automotive but they get paid to draw and its what people see, if you sketched cars like this you would be laughed away to get a real perspective, I am talking mostly about products and concepts.

The traditional product styling for me takes away some of the life that lives and breathes within the work, it doesn’t make me want to smile maybe that’s because there is so much out there already and at work I encounter what wont sell and see it sit on the shelves week after week as people know they don’t need it in their homes until the price is so cheap it holds no value at all. Its all uptight rigid and the same I like to see different things and after being exposed to it for so long now I feel immune to the traditional there is no individual voice inside. Of course it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place at all and I still draw like this too but not all the time.

I love products like this (see below) that have so many stories inside them, I am not sure if I am turning into a more minimalistic person where I expect much more with less and am now in the stage where I wish to only surround myself with beautiful things as you slowly evolve and gain different tastes. I have also realised how much clutter I have around me and are constantly running out of room as I hoard away many things with sentimental value that should really just throw out, mostly old presents from when we where younger and a lot of art stuff that I am meaning to pull out and use when I have free time.

It’s something that you don’t want to put away in cupboards and wardrobes but to leave on display to get a little smile or an ahhhh when you walk past. When it reaches the point of living its life out in a wardrobe I think it means there is nothing of value left. Its amazing to see how objects and products work within our lives, for example in our kitchen, as out favourite  cups and glasses are left out for easy use, but of course there are more stashed in cupboards for guests. Our toaster and kettle are always out but the blender, food processor and a few others live in the cupboards.


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