Links to make you think…

Just a few links that I have been reading through this one is related to an old studio I did back in 3rd year.

Should E-Bikes Be Banned? 4 Lessons From Asia’s E-Bike Craze

The Dutch bought more e-bikes during the first part of 2009 than they did regular bicycles. In Asia, e-bikes have enjoyed run-away sales for some time. But the downside to an e-bike (aside from the askance glances of the pedal-pushing bikers in the bike lane) is that the extra speed, power, and amazingly varied form factor in e-bikes seems to be exacerbating some concerns – pollution as well as safety issues. What’s there to learn from the Asian experience?

This is a life saver for my Chinese class, as its really hard to search a character unless you know the pinyin for it in dictionaries.

A strange ISP marketplace makes Australia a place not worth living in.

This is a blog post from Mark who for me has always had an interesting view on design and I have been in a few classes with him.

Caps on broadband use are holding us back. This is an article from the age.

ONE of the great anomalies of the Australian broadband industry is the existence of usage caps, which around the world are virtually non-existent.

In the US, some internet providers have talked of a 250 gigabytes-a-month limit. That has led to consumer outrage that forced those providers to desist lest they lose customers. This is despite the fact only 0.003 per cent of US broadband users exceed that level – just 0.21 per cent exceed 100GB.

To an outsider, the Australian system seems very strange. Telstra boasts a basic package on its BigPond Cable Extreme network that, for $39.95 a month, gives 200 megabytes in usage. At Telstra’s boasted 30MB a second speeds, that amounts to a minute of high-quality video downloads. After that you pay 15¢ a megabyte. It is hard to imagine that being an option for consumers.

But even its Liberty plan, which costs $69.95 and offers 12GB a month – after which the extreme speed is slowed to the speeds of last century – only allows you 20 hours of video watching a month, provided you do nothing else. That’s about 45 minutes a night.

I have more links that are sure to follow but I am tired now and need to be ready to design in the morning.


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