Links to answer my own questions

After I briefly gave up on my business plan as I forgotten how to write one, I seems I had deleted all the copies I had used in prof prac and had lost any of the note I had taken, so I found so very helpful links to get me on track, I sort of tune out when people talk business as I have little logical skills and if you make a business from a product how do you ensure people will keep on buying that product and its competitive in the market place? Having an understanding of the business side is beneficial and can see why Soumitri is getting others to look at patenting their ideas as there is great value in them, and defines a set place so they aren’t simply just another product, but something with new innovations.

I am finding writing out a business plan to be helpful as there are no real buyers for my product except councils, and if I can answer all their needs, understanding how the other products out there don’t match them either, where can it head if it just one product whats incorporated into it and what is left out. Hopefully this will be helpful if people ask why would they choose my design and not other products, and how is mine competitive? As I think there is a market place for it but it’s mostly hidden, and as I hopefully am offering something more unique, modern and innovative this places my design into a new place where it stands out and easily compared to offer more than traditional designs.

Even though I wont be starting a business its important to consider how to get investment and interest within the project, as I know how expensive it is to find parts let alone bringing in manufacturing costs. I am hoping a business mind set will answer any self doubt questions so I don’t see my design as just another… but new, innovative, different, offering what other designs fail to. Still am working on my plan as its all language that and questions that I am unfamiliar with as there is a degree of professionalism involved. I am answering questions like Vision statements and mission statements so its getting me to think what my design is really all about in a holistic view of where it can and where I want it to head.

I found these links easily from the tool kit, I have included a permanent link of the side as its something I want to return back to as its helping me answer the big questions.

How do I write a business plan?

It’s creative but is it a business?

Five tips for naming your business.


Five small business marketing tips

  1. Review and adjust marketing strategies to meet changing situations
  2. Focus on needs and expectations of existing and potential customers
  3. Find a niche – small businesses succeed by offering something different
  4. Look for promotional opportunities that fit business strategies
  5. Build networks to promote the business and its reputation.

I saw this in the paper think it was Friday, I love how the image they show has a great brig crack in the baby Buddha pear along the bottom, as it just shows that nature still has a will of its own.

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