ID Jobs…

I am sure we all would have come across this now on core 77, but as its getting near the end now, and we will all be redoing portfolios and resumes its good to keep this in the back of your mind. Here is the sample work of the portfolio and teaser he was referring to in the post.

I think this is important to remember as reading through the comments there can be a certain amount of professionalism. I am currently seeking a new job for when Christmas period starts just to be safe as I will need to find full time work to set myself up for next year, as we all know it can take awhile to get a design job so I am having Plan A, Plan B and even a Plan C to cover all bases. Next year is going to be my first non-student year since before starting kindergarten so I plan to get some money behind me to open up my choices even if it is just travel or more study.

I have applied for so many jobs and filled out so many applications both professional for nest year and your ordinary jobs in retail hospitality. I have gotten heaps better at filling them out write honestly, and know what I am applying for and the role I am applying for.

For a good break down on what you need to know about yourself and the best chance of getting a design job read this article. This link is within the design droplets resources.


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