What do I want?

I am having one of those realisation moments that comes when you know you are reaching a change in directions up ahead, this is mostly to do with graduating as there is only 2 days left in order to apply to graduate (Today and Tomorrow) so if feels ever so close and achievable, yet so far.

I have a list of things I want to come away with from this design course, and only now does it truly feel like time is running out. I feel as though I am on the right track to achieving the list of my goals written below and I am listening to the advice from Soumitri as to where it’s best to take my project. I know I can easily create a nice design for a drinking fountain, and through its form and material choice deliver a nice outcome but I want my design to deliver something more, to improve and build upon my skills this is where I feel Soumitri has listened to me and is directing myself down a path where the outcome isn’t just so predictable.

Number 1: On my list to finish this course with the skill of knowing and understanding ‘my design practice’ how I think as a person my beliefs where I place myself as a designer , what sort of process do I undertaken within my work and essentially what am I offering. This label designer is something that I now happily label myself as, as I know I have a unique skill set but finding out exactly what are my strengths weaknesses and interests as to where I can start to take my practice and what goals I want to achieve through my work. An understanding of where I can the most satisfaction from my work and what I enjoy the most so I know when I get stuck how to un-stick myself through my working practice.

I love pretty objects, poetry and forms that just are inspiring and achieving though design is a lot more than all of this to me, I have a strong interest in what’s in the background I think this is because it helps to validate my projects and otherwise I end up with a bunch of pretty stuff that I don’t know why its pretty and why it worth anything at all.

Number 2: Understanding my unique skill set: As in first and second year we cover the same classes and sit there developing the same skills, what skills stand out to others and are inspiring and what skills have started to half form that can essentially be built upon and developed when they are needed?

Number 3: A good appreciation of materials and manufacturing processes learnt through developing my final design.

Number 4: Understanding complexities of all parts that make up an entirety of a product, knowing that small changes can make a difference, this is based around the drinking fountain and the taps and faucets as it changes the useability of the whole thing. How all parts function together the additions and subtractions of parts to the design.

Number 5: The confidence to se my self as a skilled designer. Knowing how to talk to manufactures and seek input into my design, where to go for helpful criticism.

Number 6: Able to create books, posters and general information to support my own work.


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