Keeping on track

Ok well as it feel like I am not getting anywhere I am writing out a daily plan or calendar so I can come back and say I have used my week of study.

Today and tomorrow morning.
CAD up two parts of my existing prototype
Finish my Business plan how the system works for councils why choose my design over all others?
Drawings of faucets and handles quick sketches as I am thinking a lot as to how it would all work, and if my system is modular I can have existing faucets/bubblers and taps if that’s what they want
Crazy concepts what I would love to happen, this is more so for me to break down my idea barrier as it feel like you can’t visually see my thinking. Its more documented in words and research and not so much in drawing.

Tomorrow afternoon:
Detailed part list of basic system and modular attachments.
Pen and paper solving out and thinking through my ideas, I have the measurements and parts now I need configurations.

Hopefully the modular system is sorted out with thoughts written and drawn so I can visually find what I need to know and understand more of. More drawings and clay mock ups?

Sunday ready for Monday a clarified approach to answer questions:
What is the basic design for a modular fountain?
Is it upgradeable? Can I add more parts as I see the area needs them? Or is it a location based system requirement so once installed its left alone, as it doesn’t need to be changed right tool for the job…
What are the basic parts?
What are the add on parts? How are they added or attached on, to other parts or to the ground?
How do all Parts attach to the ground?
A list of what is plumbing requirements I don’t need to know how it works, but need to be aware of. Its a plumbers job to know how to shut of the mains water to attach it to the mains, how to adjust the flow/pressure, change the filter, what parts of plumbing is involved to increase/decrease water flow. See what I mean below…
Highlight key maintenance parts, generally the plumbing so I am aware of constant access.
How it operates within the system, how often is it cleaned, fixed how many of them?

As you can see there are a few different parts to the whole assembly with number 1 being the bubbler/tap 2 the attachment, to the other pipe, old tap, don’t know what number 5 does, but the whole thing is pretty much the same size and I can easily house it all in the same part. At the bottom you can see  an ordinary pipe coming out. So I think all I need to do is find the names for the parts  and know know what they do but not know the internal workings as that’s the plumbers job.

This is a good photo as its the same with the tap working not the bubbler, you can see all the extra parts which control the flow, turn off the water in sections encase the handle breaks is not needed then its just the tap and I presume the part underneath the tap number 3 is to again turn of the water so its not flowing when the tap is removed to fix it.

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