I really dislike you

Yes I am talking about solidworks at the moment doesn’t take me long to end up angry and frustrated and yelling at my computer. I am so far behind my week of study its not funny I think I am going to go in to uni tomorrow for a study session, so I can get some work done.

Wish I was doing some more from studies as this CAD is such a time consuming and slow process, I am just putting my original prototype into solidworks to work out technical issues and the plumbing as how it can all fit together. I am also exploring how this is going to attach to the ground. Though I need to sort this out otherwise the design is just a pretty form and nothing to it, I think as it is the hardest part its the slowest, I mean I can easily do a few concepts and feel like I have done heaps computers just seem to suck out all the time in the day.


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