different faucets

From what I gather from this design you turn the top bit, and the water stops flowing out the bottom and comes out of the top. No idea how as I have little interest in plumbing but I guess it acts like a tap handle shutting of and blocking the water so it comes out the top, turn it back and it comes out the bottom again.


A faucet having a plurality of water discharges includes a housing, diverter valve within the housing, a stream discharge on the housing, an upward fountain discharge on the housing, and an upward spray discharge on the housing. The diverter valve connects the mixed water conduit to the water discharges. A handle external to the housing engages the diverter valve to selectively define a flow path between the mixed water supply and the selected water discharge.

The faucet of claim 1 wherein the selection of said upper discharges is alternatively facilitated by an axially rotatable diffuser cap assembly in fluid communication with said upward outlet on said faucet housing, said diffuser cap comprises a central fountain duct for said fountain discharge means and a diffuser for said spray discharge means, wherein said fountain outlet, dependent on axial alignment, is alternatively in fluid communication with said upper fountain conduit, sealed closed, to define the flow path between said conduit and said diffuser means for said spray discharge.

Water deflection assembly. http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7552877.html

Using magnets in some way to change water flow.

A sprinkler device comprising: a liquid outlet adapted to be connected to a source of liquid under pressure; a first member having a liquid dispensing element attached at one end thereof, said dispensing element located proximate said liquid outlet and having at least one groove therein; said first member and said water dispensing element having a support structure enabling both spinning and wobbling motion when liquid from said liquid outlet impinges on said dispensing element; a pair of magnets including a first magnet mounted on said first member and a second magnet mounted a portion of said support structure proximate said first magnet, with like poles of said first and second magnets opposing each other to create a repelling force that causes said first member to resist movement in a direction towards said second magnet; and wherein said repelling force is in a direction substantially opposite a direction of flow of liquid from said liquid outlet, said flow of liquid causing said first member to move towards said second magnet thereby increasing said repelling force.

Like our whale friend that Tilly showed us on her blog just built in.


It would be advantageous for a faucet to be able to discharge water either in the upward direction or in the downward direction. An advantage to having water discharged upward would be in rinsing one’s mouth. One would not need a receptacle or to cup one’s hand to collect water to rinse one’s mouth. The user would simply open his or her mouth directly over the upwardly discharging water to rinse his or her mouth. Also, one could simply wash his or her face by placing the face in front of the upwardly discharging water.

In a further description of the parts of the bi-directional spout attachment, the invention includes a central body having a top surface, a bottom surface, a front end, and a back end. The central cavity can be fed by the first bore. The first bore is located near the back end, extending from the top surface to the central cavity. The second bore extends from the central cavity to the bottom surface. A neck forming a hollow channel extends from the central cavity to near the front end. A third bore located near the front end extends from the hollow channel to the top surface.


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