More artistic…

After Tilly’s recent post on an innovative drinking fountain I wanted to see some more…

Water – Public drinking fountain

The bent pipe violates the existing equilibrium between the water levels, as well as between the pipe and its base, and causes the water to spurt outwards.

These designs are all a lot more artistic in their thing and approach.

A mosaic fountain and pond.

I couldn’t understand the meaning behind this one…

Drinking Fountain for People and Plants

This drinking fountain design returns a portion of the city’s water to the same type of native plants that might have lived on the site before the city was built. As a person takes a drink from the fountain they are also watering the plants. Taking and giving are automatically intertwined in the same act. This piece is part of a series of works to research and develop human infrastructures that are grafted to natural systems and blur the distinction between “natural” and “man-made”.

For a gym:

This is some sort of blog, commercial so not to helpful.

“Modern” designs

kitch drinking fountain

Looking into the easy change from downwards to upwards flow…

As seen on Tilly’s blog


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