Where to now…

After talking with Soumitri I am changing the direction slightly with a new approach, I am a little scared as its more into the the technical side which I struggle with I am going to think of my drinking fountain as a modular system, similar to path products where the council can list the requirements for the location eg: a smaller size next to a child’s playground, one with a dogs drinking bowl in parks, a minimalistic for city streets. So this week I am focusing on the internal parts in CAD, using heights and thickness from my drinking fountain. I have been talking to Tosika yesterday and he gave me a few innovative and different ideas for the faucet to draw up so I am going to work on this for the week and see where it goes. This could fail easily as I have limited knowledge and experience and feel it borders on the engineering side. I need to figure out how this design attaches to the ground, and a list of parts that can be added to the basic design such as filters.

So a modular system could involve many bowls/sinks to pick from.

A quick look at similar products which are modular in the bathroom…


Tap and shower head.


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