Mains water in Melbourne

“Approximately 93 per cent of Melbourne Water’s water mains are made of mild steel. Half of these are concrete lined and half are enamel lined, to prevent internal corrosion and provide a smooth surface to ensure optimum flow.”

Your water meter is used to measure the volume of water used on your property. It is generally located close to the front of your property, often just inside the front fence.

Water Mains

Installing an outside tap: Installation of the external tap

The case study example is typical; the stopcock is located near to the kitchen sink to supply fresh drinking water from the mains water supply. The work area is tight but accessible. The outside wall is immediately to the right, the house has had an extension; you can see the 12 inch outside wall on the right hand side of the washing machine.

I am looking into metal hoses and pipes which are flexible again, to see how small I can find them.

Diameter:30mm Length:optional Innertube:PVC

External Diameter:14mm

External Diameter:14mm, Innertube:PVC/EPDM, Two nut:F1/2″*F1/2″(optional)

External Diameter:13mm, Length:optional, Innertube:PVC/EPDM, Two nut: F1/2″*F1/2″(optional)

Drinking fountains

I also came across this site, There are a number of tapping points along each main. Plumbers attach water pipes that carry water to the taps in your house and garden to these tapping points.

A Sometimes Forgotten Amenity, Drinking Fountains


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