A stressful day

Today was an extremely long day for me, but it finally feels like I am moving forward that there is something in the future for me. It was stressful but also a learning experience (more of a life learning experience one which you step back from and say wow I am old now and have total control over my life and goals) more to follower later its time for bed now, even the owl is hooting at me telling me to sleep and I have an early class/Chinese test in the morning.

Not much studio got done to busy preparing for my test but I am setting time aside tomorrow after noon with a list of three small goals, CAD my mock up fountain, print it out for an underlays. Photograph and show my ceramic forms.

Draw 2 crazy concepts about water to get me excited again. I have a mediation with paper and wire date set up for Saturday so mixing in some large scale work and getting the form working. Going back to methods I enjoy and can just keep clam. Need to de-stress from life again. Ok owl I am turning of the light happy now? At least you aren’t the possums again scampering over the roof.


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