A list of things I want to achieve


I am thinking that I should write out what is it I want for this semester and where I might end up afterward to gain some clarity.

Hopefully pass so I can move on, well I really want more than a pass for it to feel worthwhile and that I have achieved something. So this semester I am carefully going to listen and document every task that I have to do and then do it. (This week is making 1 to 1 forms of my drinking fountains, also to CAD up the prototype of the fountain parts I have made to print out and draw over.)

I also hope to have a project that can stand up for itself without me trying to back it up, this means I can place my design and folio next to each other and they speak for themselves, so hopefully when I get to the exhibition and final presentation I really shouldn’t say a thing (of course I will have to) but anyone can pick up my project and how I got there.

I hopefully want to push my campaign of no bottled water further, so I can create a poster and a site so people can join and get information about bottled water and the alternatives and how to get on board, I might even create a fun event to be held if there is time, take my design to the streets.

I aim to get a detailed process and phases that I work through when undertaking projects that I can apply to anything that I work on. This will include some of the projects and research methods undertaken in semester one.

I also aim to create a full hand made folio of my work, this is drawings and photos laid out to display my process from start to finish showing how one form inspires others, refinement and any troubles, and the final prototype made.

I will redo the layout and add in reflections/research to my document from last semseter. I am hoping to hand bind my book by creating a front cover, as I don’t know how to do this as I never had money or time to go to the book binding back in first year I am going to track down some past students that have. I feel this will add to the book as I am disappointed with the current binding, as my book is so big they couldn’t use the nice hard book binding.

I am also going to create the three posters as required, and leave time to create a nice layout for them so its not rushed like last semester.

Personal goals along the way is developing and understanding my own practice all its strengths and weaknesses along with a time line when is most of the work done, the stages that I get the most personal enjoyment, where I am most stressed and where I take the most risks. Where I feel most vulnerable and lost. This will help if I ever do freelance work or if I carry out my own projects. (starting my own studio) Often I feel scared to move forward to the next stage as you progress along more time, energy and money is invested.

There is more to follow as I think of things and need to clarify.

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