Reflection to week 6

I guess it still feels like I haven’t gotten anywhere with my project as the form studies it the longest bit that is full of being wrong… Everything it feels like to this date is wrong, though on the plus side I am figuring out my practice and methods of working that are best for me.

Why do I feel like its all wrong? This is easy as with all design projects this is the stage where nothing seems to be getting done, as none of the forms are speaking only the processes used to get to them. So far my clay models along with the sand sculptures have worked for me as you can have a full 360 degree view, the modeling clay is fast to work with as you can add details and get a sense of how big something is compared to a person.

Until the form speaks to me and I am satisfied I have explored all possibilities and ideas, it feels like a waiting game. As it can be a simple line, the media in which I work in that then takes hold of the direction and refinement can begin its all possibilities and open at the moment, its the bit full of hope and full of fear that there may not be anything there, no breakthroughs.

Building the working prototype has left me with the one scale and height to work with, and by Sunday I will leave small scale behind and move onto 1 to 1 or as close to for drawing on the paper that allows me to. Small scale is great for rapid ideas something which I wont let go of at them moment and I plan to start showing some images and film of my process soon. This is my art phase where I am only asking questions of the media, what will happen if I do this to you? What will happen if I change this step…

The next phase, Phase 2 is the design phase, the answering the formula this is what happens when I did this last time and I look for repeats.

Phase 3 is then the clarity phase where I can see what forms are working and capture them through 1 to 1 scale models made with, foam, cardboard, paper and wire what is accessible and handy.

Phase 4 is the finalisation, I have something that can be shown and tested to users, something that I am happy with form wise and feel it reflects good design. This is where small changes occur but the meaning and values are not alter there is something solid.

Phase 5 is the refinement feedback is added into the design altered and trialed again the end is in sight.

I don not want to rush these earlier stages as this is my process and the foundations of the design, sure it can be hurried through and any form chosen but it will lack my philosophy, my creation and messages. I will just feel its another design project to move on out of this course but I will not feel excitement or engaged at all.

So where will I see Soumitri and the rest of the class (well hopefully the rest as I can’t really say Tilly and I make up a class) at the start of week 7 in roughly 10 days time? At the end of phase 2 and progressing up through phase 3.

This means: an expansive display of form studies, in watercolours, inks, pastels, pencils, renderings, textas, textured paper, 3D clay, cardboard sand, wire and paper. This is the playing time I need to connect to all media and materials and there should be a revelations and findings through out.

The scale models are picking the strongest forms and testing them as these are time consuming and need a lot more consideration.


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