Soumitri mentioned this on our first day back and as I am now feeling a lot behind as we are week 6 half way through and the last opportunity of a free week next week (mid semester week or as I like to think of it a free week to catch up.)

I am now going to outline all ambitious plans and be an active daily blogger on where I am at and where I hoped to be, and outline tasks simply, so they are small and I can say mmm so I have an hour to sit down what tasks can I do instead of going, ahh got to get this done its going to take hours now when do I have a day with 6 hours free its going to take me that long to build… This includes I sit done for half an hour and fill a page with forms, saying I am going to put one part into Solidworks and CAD that up I am thinking tiny goals in a day, a few posts a few reflections, I need space to breath, I can’t be creative when this isn’t happening.

I am also hoping to free up this guilt trip I keep on having trying to fit in 40 hours of studio 10 hours of Chinese and 16 hours of work plus about 6 and half hours of travel time minimum as I have no time to simply get up and walk around and clear my mind. Unless I stop sleeping altogether…

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