Making and creating

Well the real plumbing parts I need for a mass produced drinking fountain, is going to cost way to much as some parts are in excess of $100, so I am going to do it on the cheaper side of improvising and using plastic hose for the prototype obviously this wont last as long but I have decided what I want to get out of this is the scale and the interaction. I am thinking of one simple exit point for the water which can be adjusted out of flexible pipe so one can angle the water downwards to fill up a bottle or have the water facing upwards.As the moving  plumbing parts that are the pieces which need to be replaced the most so less taps/buttons, faucets, hoses, ect the making it cheaper which is better for everyone as more can be installed.

Will will be good to see how people deal with this and interact with it. I am going to keep track of the real parts I would use for mass manufacturing, so I can draw it up in CAD and get pricings togeter so I know what the cost price will be.

As I won’t be able to conncet my design up to the mains water supply I am loosing all ressure so I am going to have a pump so it at least looks like it works… So mine is really going to be a drinking fountain then, as thats how fountains work, using pumps to move the water.

More to follow shortly… it still a work in progress.


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