A little happier

Well thanks goodness it was only the batter and all my work is still safe and sound. I am defiantly going to get another portable hard drive of some kind to back things up. I did have one and manged to drop it on the floor making all my files untouchable, so then I thought it would be pointless as I am clumsy when it comes to technology and have manged to destroy or corrupt things by accident this is why I now back save all my work along the way, so I can get up to about 10 versions of different files along the way.

As I just renewed my license this week decided to just but another battery for my laptop, and do the big upgrade to something faster when I am ready and know I am investing in something good. Also not sure how much all the parts for my prototype will cost and I don’t have endless supply of money just sitting around. (such is the life of a student)

Today I really excited knowing that I will be finished at the end of the year (well fingers crossed its going to happen…. who knows what is around the corner I am going to be optimistic and say something really good and unexpected.

I didn’t make it to the plumbers shop yesterday as hoped but plan for a day of part collection tomorrow and construction on the weekend. I am focusing on my Chinese class today as I am still continuing with it this semester as I feel it will help to open up more opportunities for later on, I never appreciated languages at all until I was in China. It also makes a nice little plan B where I go off and teach English, practice and learn Mandarin and also get some design work prototyped and produced. It helps me to feel less stressed as if I don’t become a paid designer for awhile I am not sitting around in job I hate letting my life just pass me by, that was the biggest reason that I came to university was to set me up to avoid the toil of just a job for moneys sake.

Yesterdays class made me feel better as I felt Soumitri articulated nicely that this semester is essentially about us not just a final outcome/product. Sometimes I stress out way to much and loose sight of time to learn as that’s what I am here to do. I am excited about making my prototype a quick and ready piece. Then I can move on with the design and form knowing what it all has to encase.

I am having time to just breath this week knowing what I have to do and I am ready to learn once again through failure and admit to others I don’t know what I am doing. I once again trust myself enough to place myself into the uncertain places and let my practice form and lead me to an outcome. I think the reflection from last semester helped me to see my work in a new light and I can get the most out of this semester. Also hearing that Soumitri has the same mindset as to what this semester is about I feel I can achieve the goals I am setting for myself. I once again look forward to class something which was a little hard to do.


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