A little stressed.

I went to turn on my laptop and nothing has happened all the shops are shut and I can’t get my work of for the crit tomorrow, also I don’t have access to any of my files at all just what I backed up on a few UBS sticks.

Well been having a busy week little sleep, tired grumpy and have little social contact with the outside work away from uni/work. I have got a few things happening concept wise, still nothing grabbing and worth developing but am loving the experimenting it feels like I am back home.

I helped out at the RMIT open day again made me think and reflect upon my first year and the nervous process of applying, I still remember my initial reaction when I got my acceptance letter, and that was a simple they all must be insane to want me in their course… I also feel like I have learnt a lot over thought out the course and never regretted coming here.

Sadly tonight when I went to turn my laptop on I discovered that it has died, something I think to do with the battery (well fingers crossed as if the hard drive I am in some trouble) as I had been getting a few please check the installed batteries error messages for the past week. I am now on my parent’s computer an old dinosaur that is 2 versions behind everything as it can’t handle anything new. The problem is none of my files will open on these old programs (due to new software) so I am now looking at a trip to uni on the earliest trains to use the computer labs for tomorrow’s class to get to the computer labs to do the work I am meant to be finishing off.

After a weekend of being in the city I am sick of the extra 45 min it takes firstly as the trains leave the station about every 25 mins and as the buses are replacing trains for a section of track as the upgrade an intersection. It takes me over an hour and a half to get in, I wish I could afford to move but that will be something when I finish uni.

I also feel like I am suffocating in this work space as there is no privacy at all, my mother is one of those annoying people who is constantly looking over me and being critical so I can’t stand any member of my family near me when I work, as I always constantly hear that doesn’t look like a…. it looks wrong…. What’s that meat to be….That doesn’t make sense. I hopefully will find a new computer soon or otherwise the sort of cheaper option a new batter (if that’s the problem) though my laptop is really outdated and super slow so might be worth forking out for a new one. I am to upset to think about it at all though.

I am still behind where I want to be and seriously getting stressed out. I wish I had more time and hadn’t gotten sick as I can’t find more hours to catch up. This is also the bit of the design process I love the most and what makes a project worthwhile for me but if it means I just have to press on through then that’s what I have to do. Been a badweek and my laptop dying as just made it all worse.


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