Make the cut

We have all decided on the exhibitions name for this years graduates “Make the cut” so I think we are progressing along nicely. It was one of the names I suggested which I am surprised as normally I am really bad with names and titles, or maybe it’s because I think about it too much.

I know are all going to get sick of the name before the end, and when this year its all finished but it won the most votes so don’t blame me. All my posts are quite late as I haven’t been in the mood for sharing anything, had huge fight involving my sister and she really hurt me, I wish I could just move out right now and never return to this place I call home, its not really my home just a place I sleep, as I think a home is a place where you are happy and safe it is something I will find one day, but I have not other option to tolerate it such is life well for me any way I am sick of fighting. I wish this year was over already and I can just move on with my life away from everyone.


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