La Belle Noiseuse

Soumitri recommended that we all go away and watch La Belle Noiseuse to help us appreciate the connection/ relationship to the concept stages of drawing to a project after watching the film it was easy to see why. I am not sure if it’s for a love of art, techniques, craftsmen’s ship, passion that I could relate so well to the film as the process is portrayed so well in the film.

Listing to French is easy to do within films even though I don’t understand the language it is quite rhythmic when spoken. I could feel the anticipation as he sets up his space to paint, the organisation of what he needs, clearing away the clutter and distractions. Being a painter’s model would be hard work with the positing of the body, but the forms, curves are beautiful. I understand the soul searching involved from the painter knowing something is there within, the soul and life waiting to be shown to all, the continual search for it, and then as he looses all passion with it through frustration as maybe he could be wrong all along, and it isn’t there.

As he is working away searching for the answers, I loved seeing how he worked, the ink on the paper, how he scratched away at the rough surface, then added water to start tones in the ink, how the water bleeds across the paper, the labour involved with finding the correct stroke. Then moving onto what looked like oil pastel that was a heavy black, the roughness of the work into the colours to capture more detail.

Even though it was quite long within Disc one 129 minutes and disc two 100 minutes, as simple story with strong characters was very engaging, the emotions we all feel are captured to see by all. The tensions created between the relationships and the relationship to the piece of work being created, looking for answers within the piece the frustration, putting down what others may see as being complete or final, and starting all over as it hasn’t revealed anything real yet, not gone beyond the surface.

I wont say anything more as I know that you may watch it to but its worth watching as portrays the pain/passion of the process so well. I need to feel the materials I work with and understand the secrets to how they work, the textures of the paper, how thick they are the smell of the inks, the sound of the rubbing, the thickness of the brush the right way to hold to control the ink flow. This is also captured in a poetic way. then their is the peice itself what curves stand out, which part of the form.

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