Melbourne’s Film Festival

Having my cousin in Melbourne is great, as she is the more organised one and as she isn’t from Melbourne and hasn’t had the opportunity to attend them she is enthusiastic to check them out. So today I saw Still Walking part of Melbourne’s Film Festival, a nice Japanese film about family and traditions and values in Japan. They are dealing with the death of their eldest son even though its been a few years. It was a little slow moving for me but still great none the less.

Afterwards went to check out Len Lye at acmi. It’s free so go check it out. It was really amazing my mind left going at 100kms an hour as it really is a visual overload with some of his films. I also got to hear a story from a friend as Len Lye is big in NZ and she was about 10 years old going to one of his sound sculptures at a park, and as he is respected everyone one was quite listening to it and then there was one lady laughing hysterically at it, she said it was really eerie as there was this one laughter and the sculpture as the only sounds to be heard. as you get to see the original films and stencils he used during the exhibition you can imagine how slow the process must have been, and they joy of the experimentation.


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