State of design

This time round I decided to make the most of the state of design in Melbourne, as something always seems to come up and I miss it. So I spent three days of last week enjoying the things to see and do. I went off exploring with my cousin Amy and her friend Anna, who recently moved from New Zealand as they recently graduated from their Industrial design course, so I stayed in their apartment as its only about 10 minutes by train to the CBD so mush faster than frommy home, plus I don’t mind crashing on the floor.

We made a rough plan of things to see, and came in on the first day the Wednesday but it turns out not that much had started yet, as we discovered that the shelter stories: visualising an urban future was still only a roped off section of ground. So we headed over to Top Designs at Melbourne Museum, there where many projects on offer, it was great to go and see that our sence of design has increased vastly in our times at university and where we once were. Also all the students work had so puch passion in their work, and you  could all see they loved what they where doing. I loved the films the most I never have really made a flim so they all look so hard to make.

We then went on to the independent type: books and writing in Victoria at the state library, as I really like books this was really intresting, you could also see how the lanuguage has evolved as times change, also the graphics (covers) used for books and fonts. I was expecting a little more from pocket guide exhibition as on paper it sounded like it incuded a little bit more than what was there but I guess that because as designers we never write things as what they simply are and sometimes its easy to misinterperite what is really being said.

On the Saturday we headed strait to the Design Made Trade, which we ended up spending hours at as there is heaps to see, and there where a few exhibitions inside.There are some great photos here as of course we couldn’t take photos inside, there are lots of cleaver ideas and Designs. We all laughed greatly at the card saying ‘I’d go to zone to for you’ as Anna is currently seeing a guy out in Frankston and hates the train ride out.  The Makedo exhibiton was amazing and a really creative and fun idea. Also had a long talk to the guys at the springboard exihibtion as there was some amazing work that came from it.

As we are all poor we made a picnic lunch to refuel ourselves for the rest of the day. Which is something I love, as when I have the packed lunch its really basic. We had giant sandwiches and home made choc chip biscuits, and juicy mandirins.As we where a little disorganised we had run out of time for some of the things we wanted to see so we did a little of the Charaters and spaces self tour form our design guides, and then to 2009 cicely and colin rigg contemporary design award, so see a few familiar designs and some new ones. Then we finally got to see shelter stories: Visualising an urban future.

The photo above is from here

We finished off the day at the Cloud 19 opening which was a great way to end a day full of design. Each peice was vastly different to the last, and seeing so much energy around in a room is awesome though a little squishy.


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