No Plastic Bottles

After talking/interviewing Patrick Jones last week I have gotten a lot more scope for my project and found out just how big and in depth of problem bottled water is apparently there is one corporation out there who owns about 50% of the worlds water a scary thought. I am still in the process up typing up all my notes (I prefer to hand write notes still I think that comes from school) and a new laptop battery as my old one finally gave up, yes I do use old technology so I could access my files. I will post this up shortly.

We both seemed to find the same problem with designs of non plastic or glass bottles, that people lacked interest as there is a lack of design. This is something I can also think about for my project as if I am really to get rid of plastic bottles having something desirable to use is important. I find current designs to big as I am happy to fill up a small bottle a few times a day than lug around water, it sounds silly but as I carry around a laptop, books, sketchbooks, diary it I find the extra weight hard, I often only fill up bottles two thirds.
Simple bottle and graphics

This is almost a full colour bottle I really can’t stand the top, I like things to be compact when portable for everyday.

Again with the top annoying, and simple graphics on bottle.

These designs are quite boring…


Different sizes of the same design

Family of bottles

Inspired by beer bottles

Of course classic military bottles

A little shape to the bottle

This seems to be one of the bigger brands, there are some good comments of stainless steel compared to aluminum, for health reasons. 

One of the nicer bottles I have seen.


The little one is only 350ml

A few different shapes

The only really nice part about these designs is the images in the and colours used.

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