My first uni exam

I wish I could have gone to the car’s studio presentation today but I couldn’t I had my Chinese exam in the morning early morning, it took ages to get all the way there (The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, I had to leave at 7am from my house. Its a weird feeling sitting in a huge room with every one stressing and so many clocks around I hated the high school exams. Think it went really well, know I got some bits wrong as I forgot parts to the characters there is a lot to remember even for Chinese1 it was like 140 or something. Now I have to work so miss out on the afternoon presentations. Having never worked weekdays I could always come to everything but now with my new job I can’t. I am thinking of doing Chinese 2 next semester as I really like the challenge and who knows one day it could be handy.  So so sorry Soumitri I missed it and to every one who presented.


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