Differnet user needs

This is from China where you can continuously see people using drinking fountains, because there are so few and so many people in China it isn’t surprising to see something being in frequent use, though people really didn’t have to line up to wait to use them.The water from what I could gather is filtered. Though as people prefer to drink their water warm I am not sure if this would change who uses it. Plus its free water and not many people can resit that, there are still the same issues of hygiene though.

This man above is actually filling up a plastic bag with water.

It’s very common to see people filling up and reusing their drinking bottles.

This little boy is being helped up to use the drinking fountain.

This man is taking full opportunity of the  free clean water provided and filling up two bottles.

Lots of leaves and dirt is collected in this design.

These last few photos show people cleaning and washing themselves to cool down, or simply seasing the oppertity of a tap with clean water to clean their hands.

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