Well I think I am almost ready for this presentation tomorrow, I am still working on a few things to do with the layout and I know presenting tomorrow there are at least three extra things I want to go back and get more research on/about to help out with my design as I had to rush through them as I was behind from being sick. Well back to making my book then, I can’t wait until Tuesday after my Chinese exam to then I will be living with less stress and actually have time to see people.

I was annoyed when I fell even further behind being told that I had to have my poster ready for the exhibition last Thursday but I am glad I manged to do it in time, I have no idea how it looks as Brittany thankfully saved me and printed it out as there was a bit of a cue and I had to run off to work, annoying as they made my shift three hours earlier.

It still feels like I haven’t really done all that much as normally there are posters and sketches and a wide range of things to show, but I haven’t had the chance to research so intensively that I know all the issues people have with drinking fountains and also what they want to use. I am hoping that I can get a lot of feedback that’s useful, as I know sometimes it can all feel a bit to late as there is no time to change or add things. I hope that my Pre-Major Book can showcase my research thoroughly along with my findings. I have redone all the essays through out so they hopefully can clearly communicate the way I work and investigate.

I will post up this documents in a few days as its still in the editing stages of becoming a nice coffee table book, to represent a true design book.


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