Different parts and components…

Different parts and components of drinking fountains:

The different parts to the workings of a drinking fountain include: The bubbler/tap/Faucet
Push button, pedal, tap handle of some kind where the user turns, presses, holds to start and end water flow.
Stainless steel hose to deliver water out from the mains up to the tap.
Depending on the design a pipe (usually PVC) to deliver water down into the storm water/waste water pipe.
Then the plumbing parts, valves, washes, flow control, Female and male drain connection (connecting the mains pie to the other stainless steel pipe.)
Then we have our fasteners to connect things in place. (Nuts and bolts)
The last pipe is the water supply part or mains pipe which is conveniently stored underground already. Or you can collect water from a tank and then use that to drink from.
Extra parts can include water times so the water will run continuously until the timer finishes, added for connivance.
Water filters, to filter out chlorine (becomes a continual maintenance issue and replacement cost and not necessary as most users find little chlorine taste Melbourne’s water is also clean and never have we had to deal with contaminates like other countries might have.)
Coolers can also be installed so the water come out cold for users, but also is unnecessary and costly to repair and run, these are used in indoor drinking fountains.

This part has both the bubbler and push button in one part commonly seen around Melbourne and covenant to use.

Made of solid chrome plated brass with a replaceable jet valve cartridge. This bubbler is by far the best in performance and durability. Price: $ 60.62 / Each

PCP Recessed Push Button, with Valve.
Price: $ 215.00 / Each. This one seems really expensive, as it’s only just a button used to release the water.

Here are some links to standard pars for drinking fountains. Haws parts and drinking fountains. This is another company called Halsey This is a pdf file of parts and model numbers and prices for the entire Haws range it all sounds really expansive, though spare parts help increase a businesses profit, one of the access panels is $683!

At $6.83 this seems very cheap it doesn’t have the button like the other shown so you would have to buy one. There are a few more products on their site.

Pasco – 2190 at $44.30 is a different look. This site seems to have a lot on offer.

Another of their products for $59.10

I thought I would show this image as it shows how few parts a drinking fountain can have, It just has a part which connects fimly to a water supply, and then a hole as it’s running contiuosly, using the pressure from the mains pipe. In the taps case all the on/off valves are inside.

Drinking Faucets – Drinking Fountain Set

This drinking fountain talks about the different parts involved for cooling.

Description :
1. The MRD drinking water coolers are manufactured with all-stainless steel cabinets.
2. The MRD chilled drinking water fountain is a compact unit using direct chill technology and an internal filtration system. It is constructed of high quality materials with stainless steel top with easy fixing to walls for use in schools or colleges making it ideal for installing in situations where hard usage is expected.
3. The chilling system on this unit incorporates a cooling fan to assist performance in adverse working conditions. Non-pressurized stainless steel cooling tank is standard. Non-pressurized water tank is located after bubbler valve, so that tank is subject to line pressure only when bubbler button is pressed.
(1) Performance ( litres of cold water / hour): 12 litres per hour.
(2) Power consumption: 125 Watts.
(3) Airtight compressor: HP 1/6.
(4) Refrigerant type:R134a.
Specification : 1. Dimensions: H 1090mm D 420mm W 950mm. Weight: 51Kgs.
2. Robust construction to ensure longevity.
3. Polished stainless steel top.
4. Optional stainless steel cabinets.
5. Removable back panel for easy access.
6. Now fitted with an industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank 12 litres chilled water per hour.
7. Fan assisted cooling.
8. Direct chill coil to avoid bacteria build-up.
9. Available in stainless steel finish.
10. Simple filter changes for filtered units.
11. Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler.
12. Three types of glass fillers available for this model.
13. Foot pedal available for this model.


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