On grids and the library

After my first attempt at the layout of my book I decided to take up Soumitri’s advice of going to the library and having a look through them, so that is what I have done. In first year I hated the library and found it of little use, then in the start of second year I got hooked and now I visit almost every week, I have a collection of about 15 books borrowed at home and return a few and get a few more, some are just of products and nice pictures, some on manufacturing and some just and interesting read on design and some are about Chinese culture for other assignments. I sometimes take hints from other blogs on what books are a good read and see if RMIT also has them available as there free to read, I would love to invest in a library of my own with a whole lot of handy books but until I have money to by things which aren’t quite essentials yet I am making do with free stuff.

So I found this interesting book called “The designer and the grid” after the other book I wanted was already borrowed out by someone else. Its quite helpful and goes through a few different layouts that have been popular through out design, and then gets people to show and talk about their grids. It deals with large amounts of texts, along with negative space and quite and assortment of images from large to small. We shall see how much it helps out very soon as I am compiling all my research together. I have also been looking at grids online.

Here are some examples of books I have read after I have seen them on some of the blogs I like to follow.  There get as you get to see a few images and read a little of the text so you don’t have to borrow heaps of books and start reading them to find out if they are good or not.

Thoughtless Acts?

Designers are wankers (also a fun one to read on the train as people look at the title then back at you)

I find reading as many books as I can on design is helpful especially now I am making my own book, for pre-major.


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