Could this be a drinking fountain?

I have been looking at images online and here are a few that obviously aren’t drinking fountains, but something about their form could be, and they are beautiful products that I could envision being around our street to capture our attention and admire. I guess in a lot of the images you wont be able to see what I do in them but I am approaching the drinking fountain from a different angle, as I have lots of images as to what is out there but none really grab at me and what me to say wow that’s different or fun over and have a closer look. That’s what good design does for me something I just have to have a good long look at. All the images below are from This isn’t what my design is going to look like at all, but as there is nothing truly inspiring for drinking fountains I am looking in other places to get some visual inspiration happening, as I am stuck on all the other drinking fountain designs.


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